About Us

Back in 2011, Amman lacked variety when it came to fast food; especially if you were craving a hot dog. In fact, there were no hot dog restaurants at the time. That’s when three friends got together and decided it was time to offer a new experience.

After careful thought and thorough research of the best ingredients, these friends found the perfect recipe for the best hot dog in town and created Wazzup Dog! When you come to Wazzup Dog, not only do you enjoy a scrumptious hot dog, but you enjoy a new experience in fast food dining.

This big step was just the beginning. Their backgrounds, experiences, and passion for what they have created helped in transforming Wazzup Dog from a small local business into a well-recognized brand, locally and regionally.

Today, there are four branches in Amman (Jabal Amman, Seventh Circle, Khelda and Petra University) and in 2015, the first Wazzup Dog was opened in Manama, Bahrain. The positive feedback from Bahraini customers encouraged them to consider expanding even more. The partners’ vision for the next five years includes growing, not just locally, but also regionally. The plan is to open 12 new branches locally, spread around Amman and other main cities. As for regionally, Wazzup Dog is expected to have 40 branches in different cities of the MENA region.

Qatar Branch

The restaurant has opened in one of the busiest streets in Doha where many restaurants are located. Al Nasser Street has been one of the major destinations for Doha residents when it comes to food. Wazzup Dog is perfectly located in the middle of the street for easy access to everyone.